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Interview on Groove Portal

Simon talking about himself and his projects on Groove Portal! And of course: he talks about De La Muerte too 😉

Studio update – Day six: VOCALS

Day six: VOCALS. Gianluca is done all the vocal tracks. A BIG THANK YOU to Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi. Now it’s up to Simone Mularoni with the mix and the master! We can’t wait for it! We’re almost ready…. are you ready for us?!?

Studio update – Day five: VOCALS

Today we entered the Domination Studio again. Day five: VOCALS. Gianluca nailed 5 tunes today!

Studio update – Day four: BASS

Day four: BASS. Today Claudio entered the Domination Studio… All the bass tracks are done! We’re almost done with the recordings for this album!

Studio update – Day three: GUITARS

Day three: GUITARS. Christian and Gianluca just finished all the guitar tracks! The sound is HUGE!

Studio update – Day two: GUITARS

Day two: GUITARS. We’re almost done with the guitar tracks! Tomorrow will be the “solos day” for Gianluca and Chris! The guitar sounds are really impressive!

Studio update – Day one: DRUMS

Day one: DRUMS. We’re very proud of Luca and Simon! They completed all the drum recordings at 6pm today. Everything is fine and we got the drums done in less than 1 day of work! Stay tuned…

Entering Domination Studio for our first LP

HERE WE ARE!! We are proud to tell you on 29 July we’ll start this new adventure entering Simone Mularoni’s Domination Studio for the recording sessions of our debut album! Updates coming soon… Stay tuned!